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For the magazine's new issue TO WEAVE, I investigated on the correlations between weaving, programming and writing systems. Could we look at weaving as a language?

Tools magazine is an annual publication which seeks to promote the techniques of manufacturing in art, design, architecture of interior, industry and crafts. TO WEAVE offers an enquiry into the weavings of yesteryear and the current day, conveying the histories behind our shared imagination.

Weaving is one of the most ancestral knowhow. For the article, I wanted to observe what weaving represents in our contemporary civilisations. I ended up focusing on two main aspects: weaving a language as well as a logic of combination, underlining the correlations of weaving with the gestures of writing and coding practices.

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A huge thank you to Clémentine Berry & Tools Magazine team. Read the full article here.

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Exploring the dialectic between the gestures of writing, coding and weaving.

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